5 Common Foot Problems & how to Solve them

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Now that Summer's over, have you thought to check up on your feet? Living in sandals & flip flops can take its toll. Our feet are exposed to all sorts of conditions that can contribute to poor foot health, including ill-fitting shoes, heat & damp. We also tend to ignore minor issues with our feet until they get too serious (or stinky) to overlook. It’s high time we all got more aware of foot health. Here are 5 common foot problems and how you can tackle them.


Many of us accept blisters as a painful fact of life. This shouldn’t be the case. Caused in almost all cases by ill-fitting shoes they are completely avoidable by taking more care with the shoes we wear. Try to choose shoes that offer both style and comfort. Even the most beautiful shoes aren’t worth oozing feet. Our top tip is to use the Compeed range of blister plasters when wearing in new shoes you're concerned may cause blisters or if you already have a blister. They are not cheap, but they work like magic & mean you can walk with even massive blisters & heal faster. Alternatively, treat blisters by sterilising the area and if necessary draining the fluid filled lump with a sterilised needle. Then use an antiseptic cream to speed up healing.

Athlete’s Foot

Damp, moist conditions and a failure to properly dry feet can lead to a sticky, flaky situation that looks and feels distinctly unpleasant. Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that creates itchiness, redness, peeling, and odour. It can usually be treated by over the counter anti-fungal medication but you can prevent it by regularly changing shoes and socks, plus washing and drying feet well.


Bunions are a deformity of the big toe joint causing a lumpy protrusion at its base. They can be caused by arthritis, ill-fitting shoes and for some people, a genetic predisposition. For some sufferers, surgery is the only real way to resolve this but you may be able to prevent it by avoiding shoes that are tight across the toes.

Ingrown Toenail

This is just what it sounds like. A toenail which is growing into the skin – causing redness, pain, and potential infection. They can be caused by incorrectly cut nails, poor foot hygiene, tight socks or tights and trauma. They can sometimes be treated by practicing good foot health but if you don’t see an improvement you should visit your GP.

Flat Feet or Fallen Arches

If your feet are completely flat to the ground you are likely suffering from flat feet. This is where the arch is collapsed by way of trauma or simply never developed properly. People with flat feet may experience pain, numbness or difficulties with mobility. If your fallen arches are causing you a headache – see your doctor or podiatrist for a specialist referral. Treatments can include specialist insoles, weight loss and in extreme cases, surgery.

Your feet are important! Look after them so you can focus on enjoying wearing all sorts of beautiful shoes.