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The best women's slippers in large sizes for 2021

Updated by Janine

Thanks to lockdown, cosy slippers are somehow the must have accessory this Winter.

Finding women's slippers in large sizes is tricky. Many shoe brands making larger sizes just don't do slippers. Even specialist large size shoe stores can have heels & flats galore but few or no slippers in sight.

Sure, there's always the men's department. But that's a world of dark colours & boring styles. A tartan pattern is as crazy as it gets!

Luckily, there are fashionable slippers in larger sizes if you know where to look. So whether you are working from home or snuggling on the sofa, here are the best slippers to keep your big feet cosy & chic in 2021.

Cosy slippers up to size 14 UK / 16 US

Andres Machado is a Spanish brand renowned for their unisex slippers. Some styles go up to a whopping size 14 UK / 16 US / 50 EU!

These are quality wool slippers at affordable prices, around €35 on average.

Their signature mule style slippers are available in both wool & mesh materials, so you are covered all year round.

I especially love the dots pattern (up to size 12 UK / 14 US / 46 EU) which comes in grey, pink and the multicolour dotty slippers shown below.

Some plain colour wool mule slippers go all the way up to size 14 UK / 50 EU / 16 US.

Andres Machado also do neat closed back slippers up to size 14 UK / 16 US (model AM002) and the Bamara fleece lined faux suede booties (up to size 11 UK / 45 EU) shown below.

Full slipper styles like these are a better option for narrower width feet or if you suffer from cold feet.

Cinderella Shoes stock Andres Machado slippers (Ireland, ships worldwide) up to size 11 or 12 UK depending on the style. Alternatively, or for larger sizes, there is the Andres Machado brand store on Amazon and Spanish online store Andypola stock most of the range (shipping worldwide).

Luxury sheepskin slippers up to size 13 UK

New brand alert! SAE LONDON has just launched in time for Christmas. Their luxurious slippers are available exclusively in sizes 7 - 13 UK. Made and lined in natural sheepskin, these are the ultimate cosy dream. Choose from the crossover Esmee style shown below or the toe post Isla version.

Cute dog slippers up to size 12 UK / 46 EU

German brand Haflinger also make premium wool slippers in large sizes. Unisex styles go up to size 12 UK / 46 EU / 14 US in a variety of plain colours.

If you want something different, how adorable are these sausage dog slippers? 😍 They are currently available up to size 12 UK from After 8 Shoes (UK) and Shoegarden (UK, shipping worldwide).

Get 10% off your order at After 8 with code PRETTYBIGSHOES (valid on all shoes, not just cute doggy slippers!).

As well as mule slippers, Haflinger also do closed heel slippers with more of a house shoe vibe. You can also find some of these in larger sizes on Zappos (USA) and Amazon.

Wide fit house shoes up to size 12 UK

If you prefer a smarter house shoe look to traditional slippers, how about these Dahlia felt bootees from Magnus Shoes (UK, shipping worldwide)?

These wide fit house slippers go up to size 12 UK / 46 EU. With a contrast heel & brown leather accent trim, who knew slippers could look so sophisticated?

Super snug slipper boots up to size 10 UK

If boots are more your style, UK loungewear brand Bedroom Athletics do some slipper boots in size 9-10 UK (XL).

These combine silky soft comfort with a non-slip durable sole - handy if you need to nip outside. Perfect for winter nights and lazy mornings. Good value too with prices ranging from £15-£25.

Choose from sherpa fleece or faux fur designs including these Marilyn faux fur slipper boots, shown below in the gingerbread colour - yummy!

M&S mule & moccasin slippers now available in size 9 UK

Marks & Spencer have recently started doing some womens' shoes in size 9 again - hurray! Their M&S collection includes mule & mocassin slippers in size 9 well priced from £12.50 - £19.50. As well as plain colours, there are tartan checks & cute star prints. Or how about this modern take on leopard print? These bow mule slippers even have secret support memory foam and are just £12.50. Matching PJ bottoms also available to complete the look.

Fun faux fur slippers up to size 9 UK / 11 US

For some glamorous fun, check out the faux fur slippers range from Simmi (UK, shipping worldwide) available up to size 9 UK / 11 US. Choose from toe post, double strap, cross strap or open toe mule styles & get your fluffy fix. Stick to neutrals or go all out with these supercute pastel rainbow fluffy slippers.

At £16 you can't go wrong & Simmi offer a 15% student discount too.

Loungewear pom-pom slipper pumps up to size 9 UK

Pavers have a wide range of slippers in size 9 UK, all at affordable prices. This includes a selection of smarter clog styles from Fly Flot, as well as touch adjustable styles for those who need them.

These fashionable slipper pumps caught my eye. Adorned with a fluffy faux fur pom-pom, these slippers are an easy way to glam up your loungewear. They look smart enough to wear out & about and are great value at £16.99. Available in black, grey, leopard, and grey leopard (shown below) up to size 9 UK.

Quirky & colourful slippers up to size 9 UK

Finally, if you want to brighten up cold winter days, Moshulu offer a whole rainbow of slipper shades up to size 9 UK / 43 EU.

Whether you are looking for slip on mules, neat ballerinas, full slippers or booties, you will find them here in cheerful colours & patterns. Standard neutral shades are available too of course.

Moshulu slippers are excellent quality & get glowing reviews. Check out the Vitoria classic mule suede slippers on sale at £32 right now. All 11 shades are available up to size 9 UK / 43 EU. Which is your favourite?

Whatever your shoe size, I hope this post helps you find slippers that make you smile. Here's to a stylish & snug 2021!