Helpful Information & Shoe Shopping Tips

The New High Tech Way to Measure your Feet (for FREE!)

Fancy Foot Measuring for Free

Get a free 3D foot scan in-store and see all your foot measurements in seconds.

Printable Shoe Size Charts: Find your European, UK & US Women's Shoe Size

Printable Shoe Size Chart

Easily measure your feet at home with free printable shoe size charts for Euro, UK & US women's shoe sizes.

The Best Places to Buy and Sell Used Shoes in Large Sizes

Sell your Spare Shoes

Find out the best places to sell your old shoes to earn extra cash.

Shoe Ideas: Embellish Plain Shoes with Shoe Clips

Embellish Plain Shoes with Shoe Clips

Dress up your shoes in seconds with shoe clips. One size fits all!

Do shoe stretchers work to make shoes bigger at home? My honest review (with video demo + before & after pics)

How to Stretch Shoes

Make shoes wider or longer at home with shoe stretchers. See a video demo & my before and after pics.

3 easy ways to make shoes smaller (without insoles)

How to make shoes tighter

Shoes rubbing your heels? Or do your heels slip out? Try these easy fixes.

These Stores let you Return Worn Shoes: No Questions Asked!

Stores that let you return Worn Shoes

Try your shoes out & still get a refund if they don't work out.

Women's shoe widths explained

Women's shoe widths explained

Shoe width is just as important as your shoe size. Find out how women's shoe widths work around the world.

The most flattering shoes for big feet: 6 expert style tips

The most flattering shoes for big feet

Which shoe designs work best for large sizes? Experts share their top tips.

Large shoe size conversion guide: US vs UK vs European shoe sizes

Large shoe size conversion guide

All you need to know about international women's shoe sizes so you can get your size right.

No More Free Returns with PayPal

No More Free Returns with PayPal

Unfortunately PayPal's PayPal's free refunded returns feature ended on 26 November 2022.