Comfy everyday shoes in larger sizes

When you have big feet, a pair of comfortable everyday shoes can actually be the hardest thing to find. Specialist shops often focus on heels for occasion wear, whereas many women have a greater need for more ordinary styles suitable for work and casual wear. If your feet are size 9 uk or smaller, here are some ranges of super comfy yet stylish shoes available:

Up to Size 9 UK / 43 EU / 11 US

Clarks Unstructured

I can personally testify that the Clarks Unstructured range is as comfy as trainers, while looking much smarter. I’ve been wearing a pair of the Un Loop style most days for the last 6 months and you can walk all day, every day in them without feeling it! Clarks also have a Softwear range which uses cushioning technology to make high heel and dressier styles more comfortable.


If you are looking for styles that are a bit more casual, consider the brand Hotter. Hotter’s shoes are all based upon their “Comfort Concept” producing lightweight, flexible comfortable shoes.

Up to Size 10 UK / 44 EU / 12 US

Hush Puppies

If you are looking for smarter styles or more of a heel, Hush Puppies are worth a look. Their newest WaveReflex technology gives their shoes more flexibility and women have enjoyed the comfort of their casual styles for over 50 years.
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