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Online shoe shopping - finding the perfect fit

Posted by Janine
If you have big feet, it can be very difficult to find shoes in your size on the high street. Thanks to the internet, a whole world of shoes awaits. However, when you can’t try on shoes before you buy, how can you find your perfect fit? Here are some helpful tips.

Size 9 feet? Try on size 8 in store

If the shoe you want to buy is in stock in local shops in a slightly smaller size, it’s well worth trying it on first. You can get a good idea of what size you will need based on this. But you will also get a feel for how comfortable the style is for you. Does the shoe feel hard and inflexible? Does it dig in anywhere? How does it feel when you walk about? Obviously, any shoe will be most comfortable when it’s the right size for you, but if you’re only a size 9 UK (43 EU), trying on the size 8 will tell you whether it’s a good choice for you.

Stick to brands you know & make a list

While sizing can vary widely, a safe bet is to stick to brands you have previously bought which were a good fit. It can be helpful to keep a list of your shoe size in various brands, with a comment about width if your foot is particularly wide or narrow. Whenever you visit a shoe store that stocks larger sizes, it’s a great opportunity to add to your list. Even if you don’t like the styles in stock, it’s worth trying on a couple of styles in brands that are new to you, so that you can log your size in that brand for the future.

Pay attention to any website sizing guides

Some online shoe shops provide extra information about sizing for certain brands and styles. So, it’s worth looking out for any links to this on product pages. If you’re unsure, try contacting the shop prior to purchase to get their advice for the particular style. This is also a good way of testing out their customer service before you buy.

Check the returns policy and estimate any postal charges

Under Distance Selling Regulations, all online shoe shops in the EU must allow you to return unworn shoes promptly for a refund. However, how long you have to return shoes, and the postage costs and hassle involved, will vary. Some websites are very generous e.g. Amazon have free returns within the UK, which means you can shop away risk free and simply return any shoes that don’t suit you. Unfortunately, the free returns policy does not extend to Ireland, and posting back shoes costs about 8 euro a pair, which can quickly add up. You will usually need to pay the return postage when buying shoes online, and some retailers may only allow returns for a short period. So it’s important that you read the terms and conditions before you buy, to avoid costly mistakes. Overall, the internet is a life saver for ladies with larger feet. With a bit of research, you can avoid the pitfalls and find beautiful shoes that fit. Happy Shopping!