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Hoff Sneakers Review after 6 Months Wear (District style)

My Hoff District sneakers (Rambla colorway)

Bored of white sneakers? Hoff's cool colorful kicks are refreshingly different.

People rave about the comfort too, so I had to give them a go. Here's my honest review, including how these sneakers really look after 6 months wear.

Size Range: Hoff women's shoes go up to 42 eu (9 uk, 11 us approx) but their men's range goes right up to 47 eu with some pretty sweet color options.

Pros and Cons

  • Cool color combos
  • Comfy to walk in
  • Cushioned removable insole
  • Frequent drops & promos
  • Not for bad weather
  • Hard to clean
  • Narrow toe box for sneakers
  • Laces come undone easily
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Colors & Textures Galore

What I like most about my Hoffs is the mix of colors and textures. You'll stand out in Hoffs, in a good way.

My pair, the District Rambla colorway, are particularly striking, but Hoff do plenty of pastel and neutral colors if you like something more understated. Plus they release new colors & limited edition collections through the year.

I wouldn't normally go for these colors and I really wasn't sure when I unboxed them. Once I tried them on and looked in the mirror, I was an instant convert.

Neons, pastels & neutrals together? Somehow it works! They look fresh and fun.

All my other sneakers are either white or dark, so these are a welcome pop of color. The mix of colours & tones mean they automatically work well with your wardrobe too.

Plus Hoff's designs break up the front of shoe so they're flattering for big feet. That's really rare for sneakers with a chunky padded aesthetic.

Your feet are still going to look quite wide in Hoffs though, but also shorter. I'm all about minimising my big feet, and I'm happy with how my Hoffs look.

Wearing my Hoff District sneakers
Hoffs make my big feet look quite neat, especially for padded chunky sneakers

It's not just the color combos that set Hoffs apart. My District sneakers have a marvellous mix of materials.

They're incredibly tactile, like a fidget toy! You can stroke the suede, crinkle the front and feel the raised dots at the back - it's so satisfying.

Side view of Hoff District sneaker after 6 months wear
6 colors and 6 different textures - oh my! Still looking good after 6 months wear too

Attention to Detail

Hoff shoebox and back of sneaker with embroidered hoff logo
Premium branding: HOFF is embroidered at the back & the super sturdy pastel shoebox makes for shelfworthy storage

Hoffs ain't cheap, but they feel like a premium product. Right from the fancy shelf-worthy shoe box that can store all sorts.

Even the sole looks good. My District shoe soles have a pretty pastel design that reminds me of ice cream. Their bestselling City sneaker soles feature the name of each city along with a famous landmark.

The branding is premium too, with HOFF embroidered at the heel, printed subtly on the tongue and embossed along the side of the outsole - classy. As a final touch, there's even a secret 'Truth Seeker' message behind for your eyes only.

Hoff sneaker sole
Even the sole looks prettty - reminds me of ice cream sundaes!
Hoff sneaker sole after 6 months wear
Not as pretty 6 months on alas, but the sole is in good shape, just slightly worn down near the heel

Are Hoff sneakers true to size?

As a Spanish brand, Hoff sneakers are made to European shoe sizes. I find their Euro sizes run long, so you may need to size down:

  • I'm usually size 43 in sneakers, but my Hoff District sneakers are size 42 with an insole length of 27.5cm approx.
  • If you're a Veja fan, buy the same Euro size in Hoff.
  • Otherwise I suggest choosing your Euro dress shoe size. That's usually a half or 1 size smaller than your standard sneaker size.

You can also try the 'Find my Size' tool on each product page, based on your shoe size in other brands. My results were all over the place though. It recommended 3 different EU sizes, even though I'm the same UK size in all these brands.

Hoff's UK Shoe Sizes

Hoff's UK size conversions are not that accurate, because there's a bigger gap between UK shoe sizes than EU shoe sizes which isn't taken into account. That's why I suggest buying your EU dress shoe size instead.

However I can confirm Hoff's women's size 42 is a proper size 9 uk. I wear size 9 uk trainers (Nike, Adidas etc), so they're true to size.

Oddly, Hoff's UK men's size numbering is 1 smaller than women's. So a men's 8 uk = women's 9 uk, even though UK shoe sizes are unisex. So women buying from the men's range should go down a UK size.

Hoff's US Shoe Sizes

You can't really rely on Hoff's US shoe size chart either, because it does not fully factor in that there's a bigger difference between each US shoe size vs Euro sizes.

Hoff say their women's size 42 is a 10.5 us, but they fit my size 11 feet fine. I find US sneaker sizing varies though. My Nike size is 11.5 us whereas my Adidas size is 10.5, even though both convert to 9 uk - go figure!

Women should go down 2 US sizes in the men's range. For example, a Hoff men's size 10 should fit a women's size 12.

Heads up: I've done my best to make sense of the Hoff shoe size conversion chart, but if you're at all unsure of your size, please contact Hoff or your chosen retailer for advice.

Hoff Shoe Size Chart

Wide Feet? Watch Out!

I don't recommend Hoff's District or City sneakers for wide feet. They look really wide, but in reality that's just the padded aesthetic. They've quite a narrow toe box, especially for sneakers.

While my Hoff and Veja sneakers are the same length, my Hoff District sneakers are much more narrow across the front of the foot. So overall Veja's sizing is more generous.

You would not think this to look at them! Hoff sneakers have a much more padded, sporty look and look really wide.

When I first tried on my Hoffs, my only concern was the length. My toes felt very near the top of the shoe but the width felt great.

However, when I actually went out walking with them, they felt plenty long but my pinkie toes started hurting after a while.

This was the last thing I expected. They look wide on my feet & sneakers are never too narrow for me.

Luckily, my shoe stretcher made them wider. This worked great despite the shoes being largely synthetic, and my little toes have never rubbed since.

Me stretching my Hoff sneaker
My Hoff sneakers were not wide enough and rubbed my little toe. But I made them wider using my shoe stretcher. Problem solved!

Are Hoff District sneakers comfy?

Hoff sneakers are super comfy to wear as far as trendy fashion trainers go.

They've a lovely soft insole, and the memory foam still springs back to touch after 6 months. It's removable too, so you can swap it out for custom orthotics if needed.

Removable hoff insole after 6 months wear
The memory foam insoles are in great shape after 6 months wear. The smooth moulding around the back means it always stays in place. I didn't realise the insole was removable at first because of this!

However, they don't quite live up to the walking on clouds hype I'd read in online reviews.

When I wear them, I'm aware that underneath the cushy insole, the thick sole feels firm. Plus with the padded aesthetic, they feel a bit chunky to wear and can get a bit hot and heavy in the summer.

Hoff shoes weigh less than I thought. My size 42s weigh 345g (0.75 lb or 12 oz) each, which is lighter than my Vejas (14-15 oz each). The scales don't tell the whole story though, because my Hoffs definitely feel more substantial on my feet.

While they're more cushioned underfoot than my Veja Campos, they're still nowhere near as comfy as Skechers or as springy or supportive as proper running shoes.

So I'd still put them firmly in the fashion sneakers category, even though they look super soft and sporty. Hoff themselves say they make "casual footwear", "not intended for sports use".

Are Hoff sneakers good for walking?

I can happily walk for miles in my Hoff District sneakers. I've done 10K+ step days in these, and I've yet to reach a point where my feet ache.

The strange thing is, they're not instantly comfy when I put them on. They feel a bit chunky and firm, and the towelling around the collar is not as soft as it looks.

So I'm quite aware of them for the first few minutes walking, even after several months wear, but soon enough I forget all about that and they're just nice and comfy.

However I can't wear them if it's likely to rain - which is common here in Ireland!

Pretty but not Practical

While Hoffs look great, unfortunately my District sneakers soaked my feet in heavy rain. That unique crinkly material that feels like paper? Turns out it lets water through just like paper too.

In fairness, Hoff do say they recommend not getting their shoes wet:

HOFF is casual footwear. It is not intended for sports use, difficult or slippery surfaces.

We use delicate and high quality fabrics, such as suede, chosen for their aesthetic value and comfort. It is therefore recommended not to get them wet to prevent them from spoiling or fading.

That's a bit ridiculous for sneakers but I paid heed to it. In Ireland you're going to caught in a surprise shower sooner or later though. Checking the weather forecast every time I want to wear them is hassle I don't need!

Other Hoff styles use different suede-like or padded fabric in the front instead, which may be more practical. Even newer District styles (February 2024) look to have a different mesh type material instead of my dimpled papery texture, so hopefully that may be an improvement.

A much more minor problem is I need to double knot the laces so they don't untie. I think it's because they've a nice sheen and aren't made of typical hardy cotton. The laces are just about long enough to knot twice, but it's a bit of a faff.

The light green part at the front of the shoe is made from a unique crinkly tissue-like material
The crinkly light green material lets in water like a sieve & I've no idea how to clean it!

Not Easy to Clean

Hoff recently launched both a sneaker protector spray and sneaker cleaner, so it looks like they're making efforts to make their sneakers more practical.

But these products add further ongoing costs when the shoes themselves are dear enough. Plus they say the sneaker cleaner is only "recommended for flat/smooth surface materials, such as leather".

I expected to be able to easily clean the white outsole with a damp cloth at least. Mine only has very minor staining so far, but even using a soft toothbrush with dish washing liquid doesn't get any of them off.

6 months in, the only part of my shoes that's starting to look grubby is the middle front, made of light green crinkly tissue-like material.

I know it lets water in like a sieve, so I don't want to try more of that! I've no clue how to clean it. I've contacted Hoff twice for guidance but they just send me links to their generic cleaning info page which is no help.

The materials info on Hoff product pages is vague, so unless you'll mainly wear them indoors, I'd contact them to check what specific styles are made from before you buy.

Where to buy Hoff sneakers

US Hoff Stockists

  • Hoff USA - largest selection & full size range up to 10.5 women's (which may fit 11) & size 13 men's/unisex (a women's size 15). Free shipping & returns.
  • Sole Trader US - including some women's 10.5s (which may fit 11), men's up to size 13 (15 women's approx). Free shipping & returns.

UK & Europe Hoff Stockists

TIP: If you join the Hoff mailing list you'll be first to know about all new drops & get discount codes. That's how I got 20% off my pair.

Final verdict: are Hoff sneakers worth it?

Overall, my Hoff District sneakers are comfy to wear, even on long walks, and are wearing reasonably well 6 months on.

I love the look of these cool color block sneakers, but I need my kicks to be easy wear AND easy care, so I won't be buying another pair.

If I hear great things about their new sneaker protector spray, that might change my mind in the future.

What do you think about Hoffs sneakers? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.