Next reducing range of women’s size 9 shoes and boots

Posted by Janine
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Guest post by Jane O.

Based in the Scottish Highlands, over 60 miles away from a decent shoe shop, I have relied totally on Next Directory for my size 9 footwear so I was disappointed to see only 3 pairs of size 9 boots in their latest Autumn Directory.

This prompted my email to their Customer Services department. Unfortunately, their response was not very promising:

“I am sorry to say we are slowly reducing the amount of ladies size 9 shoes we are doing and in future may not be doing size 9 shoes at all.” - Next UK customer service

Despite evidential proof that women’s feet are growing it seems incongruous that Next should be moving in this direction.

It is frustrating that major high street stores like M&S provide larger clothes sizes but neglect the larger foot and now it seems Next are following suit.

Update 30 September 2016

Next gave the following response to this post on Twitter:

"I’m so sorry you feel let down by the lack of shoes and boots available in size 9 we do understand your disappointment and frustration. We've been taking all customer comments on board regarding this issue issue and have passed these on to our buyers and merchandisers for their future consideration." - @NextOfficial on Twitter

So if you want to see size 9 footwear back in Next, be sure to make your voice heard on social media or by contacting them directly.