Shoe Review: Hotter Samia Ankle Boots

Posted by Janine
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Once the weather turns colder, I get a serious case of boot envy, seeing everyone out walking in the Autumn leaves in the latest styles. However, while I love the look of so many boots, when I manage to eventually find a pair in size 9 UK, they’re often just not comfortable.

So I was delighted when I got the chance to review a pair of Hotter boots because their range focuses on combining comfort & style. Their complete collection is available up to size 9 UK (43 EU/11 US).

I chose the Samia ankle boots in navy. It’s quite unusual to find shoes in navy suede, and these look gorgeous. The navy has a rich depth to it & looks especially well with denim. It makes a nice change from all the black shoes in my wardrobe!

Hotter Samia ankle boots with jeans

Even better, these boots are a very neat style, flattering for larger feet. If you team these with a pair of bootcut trousers, your big feet will shrink away as if by magic!

The quality of the boots is clear to see. The sole & heel are all one moulded piece which looks really solid yet isn’t too heavy. Apparently the polyurethane sole is actually filled will millions of tiny air bubbles which contract when you walk to give underfoot cushioning.

Sole of Hotter Samia ankle boots

I was genuinely surprised at how comfortable I found these boots to walk in, given how temperamental my feet can be. I felt a nice cushioning support under the balls of my feet which I haven’t experienced before. Out walking early on a cold frosty morning, I felt these boots had good grip & they were quiet to walk in too.

They have a furry lining just around the back of the foot which feels nice & snug. The upper part of the boot is also lined with a very soft, smooth material and there is a full zip down both the inside & outside of each boot which is handy.

Inside of Samia ankle boot showing furry lining at back and full zip down each side

One thing to be aware of is that these Samia boots are quite a snug fit widthwise. Most standard width size 9s fit me, but I can only just about get away with these & that’s with a finer sock. I’d love them all the more if they were just a little wider! The antibacterial insoles are removable which gives a wider fit, but then you miss out on the lovely cushion soft feeling underfoot.

So, if you have a wider foot, I’d suggest you take a look at the boots available in extra wide fit or styles that have Hotter’s exclusive Dual Fitting feature, which automatically accommodates both standard and wide feet thanks to an ingenious removable layer.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a flattering, stylish boot to step out in this season, I can recommend Hotter’s Samia style. These boots are definitely made for walking!

Disclosure: Hotter kindly provided these boots to me for review but this did not influence my review. Full disclosure policy