My Veja Sneakers only lasted a Year, but I got them replaced for FREE

My Campos got a Hole at the Heel

I was gutted when my gorgeous Veja Campos got a big hole at the back of the heel. I'd worn them regularly for about 9 months, after buying them a year ago.

I got a big blister on my right heel so they were unwearable, especially frustrating when they still looked so damn good otherwise. The leather was wearing well and even the insoles were still in perfect condition.

Veja sneakers ain't cheap, and as a premium sustainable brand, I expected them to last longer.

Veja Warranty: My Experience

I bought my Campos direct from Veja. So I contacted them about repair options, because they're big on sustainability and even have a cobbler service at some European stores.

I figured this was a long shot since my order was a year ago, but to my surprise they replied within 24 hours asking me to send on pictures of my Campo sneaker.

Veja wanted photos from all angles showing the top, side and bottom of the shoe, along with a close up of the hole.

I also needed to take out the right insole and take a photo of the code inside the shoe, to let them know the manufacture batch.

Veja email requesting photos of my year old Campos (July 2023)
Veja email requesting photos of my year old Campos (July 2023)

Less than 24 hours later, Veja replied offering me a new replacement pair. I couldn't believe it!

It's refreshing to see a company making products to last and standing by that.

I confirm that your pair shows premature wear, and I apologize for this incident.

As the issue encountered on your pair isn’t repairable, I would like us to get the chance to win you over again by giving you a store credit in exchange for your shoes, for you to choose a brand new pair that will last you a long time.

The Veja Returns Process

I got my free return postage label within 48 hours of first contacting Veja. Super impressive, especially considering I ordered over a year ago.

Veja said they usually process returns in 5-10 working days, but I needed to chase up getting the store credit 2 weeks after my return had reached France.

My voucher was issued within a day of doing this. Plus they even gave me extra credit because Campos cost €20 more than they did when I bought mine. Classy!

Overall, I found Veja's customer service excellent and the same agent dealt with me throughout, which is unusual these days.

I was free to choose any style to replace them, but I got another pair of Campos because I missed them so much already.

PS for any skeptics out there (like me!), I never mentioned my Campos review blog post or video when contacting Veja. They don't have a clue my little blog exists and I paid full price for my sneakers thank you very much.

My Replacement Veja Sneakers

I was without my beloved Campos for about a month, which sucked because it was Summer when I wear them most. But the wait was worth it, because I love my new rose gold pair even more! 😍

New rose gold Veja Campos in box
My new rose gold Campos look even more gorgeous. J'adore! (white nacre colorway)

This colorway is called white nacre,which is French for mother-of-pearl. They look more of a browny bronze to me on the Veja site, but in reality they're a gorgeous shimmery rose gold, on the pink side in most lights. I smile every time I see them.

Good news: they go right up to size 47 eu (12.5 men's US, 14.5 women's) and some other Campo colors now go up to size 49 (men's 14 US, women's 16 US approx)!

I just hope this pair last longer. 🤞 So far so good as of February 2024 after 6 months of light wear. I'll keep both this post and my in-depth Campos review updated as they wear.

My white nacre Veja Campo sneaker after 6 months light wear
My white nacre (rose gold) Veja Campos after 6 months light wear (Feb 2024)

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