Why Girls with Big Feet Should Break Fashion Rules

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You’ve probably suffered through the big foot jokes at school. You’ve definitely gone through the frustration of not being able to pick up the prettiest shoes on your high street in your size. You might even have been told which styles you can and can’t wear because you had the, gasp, audacity to take a shoe size above an eight! We’re here to tell you that fashion rules are there to be broken and all the advice about big feet dressing needs to be thrown directly out of the window. Here are 5 rules big footed girls get told often, and all the reasons you should be breaking them.

You shouldn’t wear flats

Received wisdom is that heels make your feet look smaller, daintier and more feminine. But, consigning yourself to a life of heels is a depressing way to live. Tall girls need to run for the bus too! Flats can look great whatever your shoe size and with women’s feet becoming gradually larger, who needs to pretend they are three sizes smaller than they are? Flatter long limbs with cropped trousers and statement flats.

You must wear dark colours

Another rule from the ‘let’s make those giant feet look magically smaller’ school of thought. A life of drab black courts shoes is enough to have any fashionista crying into her handbag. Go bright, go bold, go sequins and feathers, or whatever embellishment you love. The bonus for women with larger feet, there is simply more amazing shoe to enjoy.


You shouldn’t wear sandals

According to some fashion experts, strappy sandals and long toes equal a fashion disaster. We’re not quite convinced on the logic of this argument, and since when did longer toes become something to hide? Long summer days call for amazing sandals, so embrace your bigger feet and show them off all season long.

You shouldn’t wear pointy shoes

Embrace the round toe, is the advice of many a fashion website, expert or well-meaning friend. Sometimes though, only a kick-ass point will get the job done. A pointed shoe and heel combo is a classic look, and an essential for those days when your feet need to mean business. Don’t hide what you have, shout about it in shoes that make a statement.

You won’t find fashionable shoes in your style

Ok, so there is no denying that finding gorgeous shoes is bigger sizes is a little harder than shopping for a say, size five foot. But more and more high street and specialist shoe stores are realising the market for larger woman’s shoes is growing. Some high-street chains now regularly stock up to a size nine, either in store or online, with specialist stores like Long Tall Sally and After 8 offering on trend designs in bigger sizes.

At Pretty Big Shoes we are always here to help you track down the most gorgeous designs in bigger sizes. Check out our blog and shops directory to uncover the best of larger shoes, and start breaking fashion rules today.