Ladies large size shoe shops directory

Here are some featured shoe shops from the directory. Use the filters below to show shops in your country or that cater for your size:

42-46 EU


Dutch shoe store with a shop in Alkmaar and also selling online, delivering to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden.
Wide selection of styles available from size 42 EU, with some available right up to 46 EU. Note: website only available in Dutch.

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up to 16 US

Plus Size Heels

Curated collection of fashionable high heels available in larger sizes from various online stores around the world. You can browse and filter the full selection of styles and then will be brought to the relevant retailer to complete your purchase.

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40-46 EU

Apavi 40+

Latvian store which also sells worldwide online. There is a wide variety of styles & brands available for a range of budgets. Website available in several languages including English.

Retail Outlets

Kr. Valdemara street 38, Riga, Latvia

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Up to 43

Sole Avenue

Singapore online shop selling a range of fashionable, affordable styles up to size 43.
Ships to most of Singapore only.

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up to 46 EU

Piero Calzature

Shoe shop in Bologna, Italy which also sells online. A mix of Italian made shoes under their own brand & popular shoe brands.
Website only available in Italian.

Retail Outlets

Via delle Lame, 56 - 40122 Bologna

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up to 11 UK


Online UK store launched in 2016 with a small collection of custom designed luxurious styles available in size 8-11 UK.

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up to 46 EU , 12 UK

Stravers Luxury Shoes

Shop in Amsterdam which also sells shoes online worldwide. High quality styles, mainly their own Stravers brand.

Retail Outlets

Overtoom 127, 1054 HE Amsterdam

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up to 13 US

Superb Couture Footwear

US online store offering a wide variety of quality shoes in sizes 5-13 US. Foot care products are also available.
Ships within USA only. As well as paying online, there is an option to pay by check if you prefer.

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8-11 UK
42-45 EU

Long Feet Boutique

Run by Ara, with size 10 feet herself, Long Feet Boutique is a UK based online store offering both flat, wedge & high heel styles in sizes 8-11 UK.

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up to 47 EU


Italian store shipping worldwide & selling a wide variety of stylish shoes made by Italian artisans up to size 47 EUR.

Retail Outlets

Viale Tunisia 2, 20124 Milan, Italy

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10-13 Australian

Vertigo Shoes

Launched in November 2014, the Vertigo Shoes brand creates low heel shoes in large sizes, with tall women in mind.

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up to size 12 UK


While this site’s main focus is petite sizes, Shoetastic actually do sizes 8-12 in all styles.

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up to 12 US , 43 EU


Handmade Italian shoes for women in size 10 - 12 US (up to 43 EU).
Shipping in the contiguous U.S.A. is free.

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up to size 11 UK

Totally… Large Shoes

Good range of stylish shoes & boots. See more info in my blog post on central London shoe shops.

Retail Outlets

39 Chiltern Street, London

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up to 46 EU

Italian Heels

Glamorous high heels available in wide range of colours. Possible to customise heel height in certain cases.
Worldwide flat rate shipping: 12 euro per pair.

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