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5 Times Big Feet Have Been Your Best Friend


Here at Pretty Big Shoes we know the pain us larger footed ladies go through. The teasing, the squeezing your feet into shoes that are too small or narrow, and worst of all, seeing your dream shoes and being told that they don’t do them in your size! Try to remember that it's not all bad - sometimes big feet can even come in handy!

When you Bossed it as an Athlete

Big feet work better. They give you better balance, a longer stride and keep you planted firmly on the ground. So, whether you won that swimming competition, outran the pack or made a mark on the netball court, your big feet could be the secret to your success.

When you Tore Up the Dance Floor

Do you have all the moves? If you’re always the one tearing up the dance floor it could be down to your big feet. Bigger feet provide better balance, stability, and control, meaning you might be a better dancer. Plus, you're much less likely to topple over in your dancing heels with a bigger surface area for support!

When you Cleaned Up at the Sales

You have probably heard your size 5 friends complaining they can never find a great deal in the sales. This is your time to shine as the comparatively smaller numbers of big footed women mean you’re more likely to find larger, leftover stock reduced. Grab a bargain and thank those big feet of yours! Plus, you’re getting a whole lot more shoe for your money!

When you Stole His Awesome Trainers

Do you have a brother, friend, or boyfriend with a cool trainer collection? You can get sneaky in sneakers and borrow the most stylish of his footwear wardrobe. This extends to boots, espadrilles and any other fab unisex styles you can grab.

When you Rocked Big Feet like a Celeb

As a larger footed lady, you are in excellent company. Some of the most stylish and fashion forward women around are part of this exclusive club. From Serena Williams (8.5 UK/10.5 US) to Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet (9 UK/11 US) and supermodel businesswoman Elle MacPherson (9.5 UK/12 US), big footed celebs are rocking larger feet. Make like a celeb and embrace your big feet in all their gorgeousness.

We hope you have learned to love your larger feet. Big feet rock and so do you!