On a mission to help all big feet find beautiful shoes

Hi I'm Janine, owner of size 42.5* feet & PrettyBigShoes.com

I started Pretty Big Shoes in 2010 because it was so hard to find women's shoes in big sizes. The global list of women's large size shoe shops has been growing ever since. The site name is a play on the phrase "pretty big shoes to fill".

My own shoe shopping struggles started at just 8 years old, when Clarks magic steps princess shoes didn't come in my size. The biggest size shoes in the shops (size 8 uk) were too small by my early teens. So shoe shopping was a complete NIGHTMARE until the internet came along.

*Fun Fact: I wrongly thought my feet were size 9 uk (11 us) for 30 years, until making my own printable shoe size finder and then getting 3D scans of my feet revealed I was only size 8.5 (which is extra hard to find! 🙄)

Shoe shopping should be easy & enjoyable for all

Thankfully, there is much more choice now. But finding women's shoes for big feet is still a challenge - and the bigger your feet, the bigger your problem.

One silver lining of the pandemic is that even small shoe stores now sell online, with many shipping worldwide. So if your local shops have no shoes in your size, a whole world of shoes is just a click away online.

I love to promote specialist large size shoe stores. Often these are very small businesses run by women with larger shoe sizes themselves.

We are lucky to have a growing number of shoe brands exclusively for larger shoe sizes too. Imagine that? Designer shoes available only in our sizes - the shoe is on the other foot now! 😍

While online shoe shopping is a lifesaver if you've got big feet, nothing compares to shoe shopping in person. I dream of a day when we can all just walk into a store & try shoes on. Until then, I'll do my very best to help you find shoes in your size.

I want to help your big feet find beautiful shoes

Pretty Big Shoes is registered in Ireland (business registration number 542189), but serves a worldwide audience.