On a mission to help all big feet find beautiful shoes

Hi I'm Janine, owner of size 9 UK feet & PrettyBigShoes.com

I started Pretty Big Shoes in 2010 to help women with big feet. I was fed up & frustrated with how hard it was to find shoes in large sizes.

The global list of women's large size shoe shops has been growing ever since. Unfortunately, I've seen many specialist retailers - big & small - come & go over the years. Large size shoes has always been a tricky niche, but I hope that online shopping will be its saviour.

One silver lining of 2020 is that even the smallest shoe stores are now selling online, with many shipping worldwide. So if your local shops have no shoes in your size, a whole world of shoes is just a click, or tap, away online.

I love to promote specialist large size shoe stores. Often these are very small businesses run by women with larger shoe sizes themselves.

We are lucky to have a growing number of brands designed exclusively for larger shoe sizes too. Imagine that? Designer shoes available only in our sizes - the shoe is on the other foot now! 😍

I want to help your big feet find beautiful shoes

You can find stores selling shoes in your size in the global shops directory.

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