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8 Problems Women with Big Feet Know All Too Well


If you have a large shoe size then you’ll know the struggle of having big feet. We understand your pain. Shopping is a nightmare, especially when the cute shoes you’ve had your heart set on are inevitably not available in your size. While compliments about big feet may seem thin on the ground, larger footed ladies can finally unite as here are 8 problems you’ll be all too familiar with.

1. Where are all the pretty shoes?

Seriously, where did they all go? That beautiful pair of shoes on display? Forget it, they won’t stock your size! No-one understands a shopping nightmare quite like girls with big feet. It’s not like large shoe sizes don’t exist, it’s just that everything is bland and basic. Sometimes, you just want a stunning pair of fabulous heels you can shake your bootie in.

2. Socks just won’t fit!

Are these trainer socks or are they meant to be around your ankles? Find a pair of socks that might fit and you’ll have a holey toe before you can say big foot! Who knew sock shopping could be so stressful?!

3. Packing is a mission

Trying to pack for a two week dream holiday? You’ll need an extra suitcase just for your large shoes! There just isn’t enough room when your shoes take up the whole bag.

4. You can’t borrow shoes

Every girl should be able to borrow a pair of shoes now and then. However, you can think again before borrowing those lush pair of heels from your best friend! Her tiny feet make you look like a giant. Don’t fret though! You can always borrow your boyfriends pair of trainers if needs must!


5. You’ve heard all the jokes!

You know what they say about men with big feet? Funny that, because for women they don’t say anything. You’ve been the butt of all jokes and even now, they’re still not funny. Pretending to laugh along and then rolling your eyes becomes your signature move.

6. You’re amazed when you find other women with big feet

Where did these women come from? You’ve been waiting for ages to find your shoe twin and now it’s finally happened. Your shoe twin also has way cooler footwear than you! Tell us your secrets!

7. You fall over yourself (more than once)

It’s not that you’re clumsy, it’s just that you can’t help tripping over your own feet now and again. We can’t help it if our shoes don’t fit properly.

8. You’re elated when you find the one!

It’s what dreams are made of! You’ve discovered that beautiful pair of shoes and incredibly they’re available in your size. They’re even comfortable too! It’s taken a lot of searching, sweat and tears but you finally realise that having big feet isn’t so bad after all!