Celebrities who Rock Larger Shoe Sizes

Celebrities; they’re just like us! No, seriously. Many of them struggle with spots, hair disasters and in some cases, larger feet. There are several female celebrities with larger feet, who still manage to look incredibly stylish. While they may have access to the top designers, there are varying options available for us mere mortals. Take a look at these female celebrities and their style staples.

Kendall Jenner

She may be a supermodel, yet Kendall has larger feet, taking a shoe size 10 US (8 UK). However, it’s not stopped her being one of the most fashionable young women on the planet. While she’s stated that she was unable to share shoes with her famous sisters growing up, she now shares the same shoe size as Khloe. If you want to recreate Kendall’s style then opt for glamourous high heels or go for the casual route and choose flat, canvas style trainers.

Heidi Klum

Another model who’s well known for her larger feet, Heidi is also a shoe size 10 US (8 UK), which isn’t unusual for her tall frame. While she’s admitted to wearing shoe cushions to make her heels comfortable, you’re likely to find her wearing strappy heels or court shoes. To copy Heidi’s laidback summer style, go for gladiator flats.

Serena Williams

We’re sure there’s an advantage to Serena’s height and large shoe size on the tennis court, so it’s no surprise you’ll often find her in trainers. However, having large feet doesn’t mean you need to wear ugly or flat shoes. Serena loves wearing peep toe heels away from the court, so if you’re a size 10.5 US (8.5 UK) like her, remember to get glam on a night out.

Paris Hilton

Even the rich and famous have body hang-ups as Paris demonstrates. While she’s stated she hates her size 11 US (9 UK) feet, we love her party style, including the heels she wears. If you fancy trying out her style, go for show stopping heels with diamante detailing or straps.

Uma Thurman

One of the most famous women with larger feet, Uma takes a size 11 US (9 UK). You may already have noticed Uma’s assets in many of her films with Quentin Tarantino. Like any Hollywood actress, Uma likes to wear sexy, strappy heels, leather boots, and formal heels to suit any red carpet.

Kate Winslet

Another Hollywood celebrity taking a larger shoe size is Kate Winslet. Taking a size 9 UK (11 US), you’ll normally find Kate rocking an occasion shoe on the red carpet, however, away from showbiz, her shoe style comprises of comfortable, casual flats.

Elle MacPherson

Model and entrepreneur Elle boasts size 12 US/AU feet (10 UK), but that’s never held her back when it comes to fashion. While it might seem natural for models over six foot to have larger feet, Elle likes to showcase hers in a range of strappy heels and flats. To copy her style, choose leopard print flats, coloured heels or black strappy shoes.

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