How to get your feet Summer ready

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Summer is on the way and it’s time to show off your feet. That’s right, after months of hiding behind thick socks and tights it’s time to get feet beautiful and sandal ready. Your toes may be dry, pale and suffering from the effects of being kept under wraps but don’t worry - Pretty Big Shoes is here to help. So line up your favourite new season sandals and get stuck into our tips below for gorgeous, summer ready feet.

Scrub Off the Old

Trudging through the cold winter months invariably means a build-up of unsightly dead skin. You can pumice, exfoliate or file but either way, that skin needs to go. Concentrate on the heels and built up dry areas to create instantly more beautiful feet. Beware though, over exfoliation can leave feet sore and prone to infection, so go slowly and remove just the dry, dead layer.

Soak, Soak & Soak

After all that hard work pumicing you deserve to relax. Create a home spa with essential oils to really indulge those tired feet. You can use a dedicated electric foot spa with bubbles or simply fill a bowl with warm water and your favourite combination of oils. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes for a luxury treatment at home. Your feet will come out looking and smelling gorgeous!

Turn Up the Moisture

What winter feet really need is lots and lots of moisture. Slather freshly soaked feet in intensive moisturiser and pop on a pair of thick socks to intensify the effect. Choose a specialist foot butter designed to soften and renew winter-worn feet or a dedicated foot oil. You will feel the difference almost immediately.

Create a Pretty Pedicure

Once you have beautified your feet, it’s time to tackle those nails. Trim, file, and buff to perfection, then choose a new spring bright nail polish to add a pop of colour. If you’re looking for a more subtle finish, delicate neutrals will provide a go anywhere look. Use a base and top coat to create a perfect pedicure with real staying power. PBS swear by Nails Inc Caviar 45 second Top Coat which dries in a jiffy & can also revive your pedi with a quick top up coat every so often.

Let Your Feet Breathe

One of the reasons your feet get so icky after a long winter season is the lack of air. Socks and tights create a damp environment that is a hot bed for skin complaints. Try to spend a little time barefoot every day to keep them healthy and happy.

So there you have it. Who needs an expensive salon pedicure when you can pamper your feet at home for a fraction of the cost? Repeat throughout the summer for gorgeous feet all season long.

What are your tips for perfect summer feet? Come share your advice on Facebook or Twitter or jump into our directory to find summer sandals that will show off your newly fabulous feet to perfection.