Made to Order Shoes for All Sizes at Mohop

Mohop in Chicago make modern artisan sandals & clogs for ANY shoe size & ship worldwide.

I chatted with founder Annie Mohaupt to find out more about this unique brand.

Annie from Mohop with a pair of size 17 shoes she made
Annie from Mohop with a pair of size 17 shoes she made

Women's Shoes for ALL Sizes

Mohop's shoe size range is incredible. They come in 35 lengths and 4 widths (narrow to wide) as standard. That's 140 shoe sizes in total - wow!

But if you have extra special requirements, they can make a pair especially for you so you get the perfect fit:

"There are NO LIMITS to size or foot shape thus far! We’ve made shoes for both the current and previous female winners of the Guinness World Record for Largest Feet."

It's wonderful to finally find a truly inclusive women's shoe brand for all lengths AND widths. Cute shoes for narrow or wide big feet are like hen's teeth to find and badly needed.

Annie agrees: "Foot widths vary considerably, and in larger sizes, the scale of those differences can be pretty pronounced. I really empathize with people with width issues on top of just being able to find something that fits lengthwise. It’s rough out there! We’re here for you!".

Mohop make shoes for all, no matter how big or small. "We also make shoes for people with Dwarfism, who sometimes have fairly significant variations to their foot shape."

If you need different left and right shoes, that's no problem either: "We can also make shoes in a different size or width for each foot; in two different heights for people with leg length differences, as well as for atypical foot shapes."

Mohop 7 flower shoes
These supercute 7 flower sandals come in 5 heel heights, with 17 shoe base options in total

The Mohop Fit Algorithm

Mohop have really gone the extra mile when it comes to shoe sizing. Their unique shoe fit algorithm combines 20 years of their own customer data with a scientific study of a million foot scans. Seriously impressive! 👏

Annie explains how they developed the system over the years: "First, I have to confess that I started with no background in shoemaking. Almost 20 years ago, I was bored working as an architect and decided randomly that it would be fun to make and sell shoes at a craft fair. This was about a bajillion times more difficult than I anticipated, and involved much trial and error in the early years.".

"Developing our fit algorithm was an evolution. Basically, people would ask about custom or non-standard sizes, and we have a hard time saying no!"

Over time, we started learning more and more about the geometry of feet and the process became much easier as we incorporated customer feedback. A few years ago, we ran across a scientific study analyzing a million 3D foot scans, and we were thrilled to see that the ‘foot math’ we’d developed through working with thousands of customers aligned with findings from official studies.

Customize shoe colors in the design lab online tool
Create custom shoes in the Mohop Design Lab

Customize your Shoes

Mohop's site showcases all current styles and designs in various color combos. But what's really cool is because everything is made to order, you can customise any style to design your own dream pair!

Being able to create your own custom shoes like this is a real treat, especially if you struggle to find ANY shoes in your size at all. There's a few ways to do this on the site:

  1. Choose a basic style in the Design Lab. Play around picking colors and preview your unique shoe design.
  2. Choose an upper design from the Spring 2024 collection. Then choose from 17 shoe base options (from flat to 4 inch heels) and add a note to your order if you want different colors.
  3. Choose a shoe from the main collection as a starting point and add a note to your order with your color choice.

Annie is keen to make ordering as easy as possible: "We hope things aren’t too confusing. We offer SO many options that we don’t want to overwhelm with choices, but we also want people to have the ability to order shoes that align both with their practical needs and personal style. Figuring out the best way to visualize custom options is a balancing act!"

With Mohop's focus on fit, your custom shoes should hopefully fit just right. But if not, they can make any fit adjustments for no extra charge. Plus, you can still return custom shoes for a full refund which is highly unusual. "We just ask that returned shoes be tried on around the house, not outdoors", explains Annie.

But Mohop seems to have happy customers:

"Since at least 2022, we’ve had NO refund requests, and just a few fit adjustments."

How Mohop Shoes are Made

In a world of fast fashion and mass production, Mohop couldn't be more different. Still just a tiny team of 2, Annie & her co-founder Justin make everything in their small workshop just outside Chicago.

Order turnaround time is usually only 3-4 weeks, regardless of the amount of customization involved.

"We do everything in-house including design, prototyping, production and shipping. We make all our components as well - which is an important factor in enabling us to make any size."

"Some things are just not well suited for mass production - like shoes. We all have different size feet, but mass produced shoes are only made in a handful of sizes due to efficiencies of scale", explains Annie.

But this is high tech artisan shoemaking: "In order to make custom shoes efficiently, we’ve had to develop completely different production processes from scratch. We use emerging digitally-based processes like 3D printing/carving and laser cutting. We are working at the forefront of a new type of manufacturing called mass customization, which means that we can make any size shoe as efficiently as a common size.".

With technology changing so fast, the future looks bright for Mohop's modern made to order concept. "We have pretty ambitious growth plans over the next several years", confirms Annie. "

AI has been an absolute game changer in enabling us to write software to further automate our production processes. Soon, we hope to develop even more sophisticated sizing algorithms that will enable us to make more complicated styles such as boots and more streetwear-inspired designs for absolutely any foot shape."

Watch Annie at work making a pair of gorgeous intricate flower sandals here:

Spring 2024 Collection

Mohop's Spring 2024 collection has just dropped, full of cute rainbow colors and pretty flower embellishments. It's a new direction for Annie, who is enjoying the fun, creative side of shoe design:

"For most of the time Mohop has been around, we’ve been almost entirely focused on fit and comfort. Over the years, we've put a massive amount of effort into R&D and developing cutting edge production processes. 2024 is the first year that we’ve finally been able to play a bit more with design. Style-wise, I really wanted to lean into joyful color and pattern this year."

Shop in Chicago or Online Worldwide

If you're ever in Chicago, you can visit the Mohop store at 1659 W Chicago Ave. You can book a free consultation and even have your feet 3d scanned for a perfect fit.

Mohop also ship worldwide from with free US & Canada shipping over $50.

PS they make gorgeous handbags and jewelery too. 😍