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Stylish Shoes up to Size 11 uk at Sante + Wade

Sante + Wade is a UK inclusive women's shoe brand for sizes 4-11 uk (37-46 eu). I chatted with founders Agnès and Shola, to find out more.

A Size Inclusive Shoe Brand

Friends Agnès Cushnie and Shola Asante created their own shoe brand Sante + Wade in 2019. They design beautiful size inclusive women's shoes that go up to large shoe sizes for both medium and wide fit:

"The woman we design for cannot be stereotyped because she needs size 10 shoes or a wide fit. She wants to wear the shoes that makes her look good and feel comfortable. She wants to follow her moods and not be defined by her shoe size."

Agnès Cushnie, co-founder Sante + Wade shoes

"We started this journey from our own frustrations as consumers, being shoe size UK 8-9", explains Agnès. "I come from a fashion background and have always had a fascination with beautiful and well-constructed shoes. Shola and I both knew that there were just not enough quality and trend-led options available, and we wanted to address the problem."

They've come a long way in just a few years, from launching their own brand from scratch, to now also overseeing women's footwear for famous brand French Connection.

It's been "a rollercoaster", admits Agnès. "Certain aspects were tougher than others, especially getting visibility for a section of the market that has been traditionally overlooked and underrepresented".

But their strong belief in their brand made them persevere: "We keep pushing and our customers keep coming back, which ultimately is the biggest reward."

Eye-catching Colours & Prints

Whether you're looking for timeless neutral shoes with a twist, or want to stand out in a statement print, Sante + Wade's shoe collection has something for you.

Finding stylish shoes for big feet, especially wide feet, is hard. So it's wonderful to see such a mix of colours, prints & textures.

Plus their clever combinations of colours, prints & straps look super flattering on big feet.

These gorgeous Lara block heel sandals come in coral, pink or beige up to size 46 (or 44 in wide fit)

Shoes made in Euro Sizes to 46

While Sante + Wade is a UK brand, their shoes are actually made in European shoe sizes up to size 46.

They use Euro shoe sizing for a better fit, because European shoe sizes are more accurate. There's a smaller gap between European sizes than UK shoe sizes.

The Sante and Wade shoe size guide converts size 42 to 8 uk, 43 to 9 uk, 44 to 10 uk, 45 to 10.5 uk & 46 to 11 uk approximately.

Their size chart also gives the foot length and circumference (or girth) measurements for each shoe size, along with instructions on how to measure your feet so that you can get the best fit.

Dressy Wide Fit Shoes up to size 10 uk

Sante + Wade's main shoe collection is also available in wide fit in sizes 38-44 eu. That's up to shoe size 10 uk approx.

Their wide fit shoes are between an E & EE width, allowing for 7mm extra foot circumference than the standard width shoes.

It's rare to find such fashionable wide fit shoes in size 9 and 10 UK, especially with striking colour options instead of just neutrals.

Choose from smart loafers, pumps and dressy flat and heeled sandals. While sneakers only come in standard width, they have a generous fit so are also wide foot friendly.

New for 2023: French Connection Shoes up to size 10 uk

In exciting news, Sante + Wade have just collaborated with major British brand French Connection on their new women's footwear collection.

"French Connection approached us", reveals Agnès, who feels the brands have much in common. "French Connection value self-expression, and their customer is a woman who dresses honestly. When we discussed the collaboration, they were open to giving us creative control and have been great to work with."

The new French Connection shoe range introduces Sante + Wade to a wider audience & gives this indie brand a more affordable price point. The first drop of summer sandals & cool sneakers has prices ranging from £50-80.

Before you make a mad dash to the high street, French Connection only stock up to size 41 in-store and online. But larger sizes are available direct from Sante + Wade, with Branca black flat sandals in size 42, Leonore dressy heeled sandals up to size 43, and fisherman sandals & fashion sneakers right up to size 44 - yay!

There are no wide fit French Connection shoes at the moment alas. But Agnès says "the collection has potential to grow in this area too". Fingers & toes crossed!

On-trend Luisa fisherman sandals up to 44 eu for £55 in Sante + Wade's new French Connection range. PS they also come in hot pink!

The Shoe Design Process

With a background in shoe development, co-founder Shola focuses on creating their distinctive, dressy shoe designs. "It’s about fusing different sources of inspiration. Part of that is keeping track of trends, which Agnès and I both do."

Shola finds that new shoe ideas can come from anywhere: "I am always on the lookout for visual stimuli that I think could form the basis of a design. That could be a wrought iron gate or a beautiful ceiling, anything at all with an interesting line."

"I then create a more mood filled inspiration board, which tends to take the form of a photographic series or paintings and pair that with materials research. It’s out of this potpourri of influences that my design ideas come".

Making Shoes that Flatter Big Feet

Shola takes care to design shoes that look good on wide feet and in big sizes: "Most women don’t want their feet to appear larger than they are, so it’s really about designing in a way that plays with perspective."

Sante + Wade specialise in inclusive shoe styles that flatter all feet:

"A beautiful shoe is a beautiful shoe regardless of size and can absolutely be flattering, even more so when the woman exudes confidence when she wears them."

Shola Asante, co-founder Sante + Wade shoes

Quality Shoes Handcrafted in Portugal

All Sante + Wade shoes are made in Portugal, in factories with a rich heritage of shoemaking.

A lot of TLC goes into making these beautiful shoes, as Shola explains: "Our shoes are still mostly handmade. There are so many elements and steps that go into making a pair of shoes and very few of those steps are fully mechanised."

Their signature shoes are made with premium leathers from Spain and Italy, while the new French Connection styles use vegan leather for a more purse friendly price point.

Shipping to the UK & Worldwide

Sante + Wade offer free UK delivery and returns and also ship worldwide, primarily to the USA and Europe.

What's Next for Sante + Wade?

2023 is already a big year for Sante + Wade with the launch of their first French Connection shoes.

So what summer shoes are coming soon? "More of what we do best. Sleek and elegant summer styles in colours that evoke sunshine and the holiday spirit, with wide fit options", reveals Agnès.

Plus, it sounds like there are more exciting times ahead for the brand: "We are working on a few collaborations right now. Watch this space as they say!".

Check out the full collection of beautiful shoes up to size 11 uk (including wide fit up to size 10 uk) at SanteWade.com.