What do Your Big Feet Say About You?

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Our feet could be more important than we realise, or that’s what a reflexologist would tell you. Reflexology is a holistic therapy centred on the philosophy that pressure points around the body (often on the feet) can be activated to help with a wide range of problems from stress and anxiety to a longstanding injury. Not only do reflexologists manipulate a complex map of the foot to promote emotional and physical healing, they can also learn a lot about you by simply examining your soles. Foot reading could unlock more about your personality and body than you can imagine. Read on to find out what your feet are saying about you.

Foot Width

If you have larger feet you have probably been more focused on length than width but apparently, it is our foot span that makes a difference when it comes to personality. People with wider feet are practical and down to earth while those with narrow feet like the finer things in life and are more concerned with appearance.


The higher the foot arch the more independent you are and the less likely you enjoy a crowd. Conversely, those with shallow arches are social animals and love a party.

Yellow Feet

If your feet take on a yellow hue especially over the heel, this could mean that something is not quite right in your life. It may mean that you are anxious, unhappy or keeping something to yourself. By examining the exact area of the discolouration, a reflexologist can provide a further insight into what could be wrong.

Big Toe

The big toe is very important in reflexology, relating to the head and the neck. A long big toe would indicate you are an artistic sort with a very creative mind while a shorter big toe means you have an ordered mind and are adept at multitasking.

Little Toe

The little toe is important in understanding your fun factor. Those with small little toes have a childlike sense of joy and mischief. Those with longer little toes are more stable and sensible. Beware the man who can wiggle his little toe separately from the others, this could mean he is an impossible flirt and unlikely to make a good long-term partner!


Even the heat level of your feet could say something about who you are. Hot footed folks are thought to be angry and a little out of control while warm feet suggest a happy and balanced nature. Cold feet could indicate weakness or a lack of interest in your current situation.

Clearly, not everyone will agree with the claims made by foot reading and reflexology. Think of it as a fun way of exploring your personality and something to be taken with a healthy pinch of salt. But maybe, just maybe, your soles could help you learn a little more about who you really are.

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