Women’s shoes in large sizes in central London

Posted by Janine
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London is a shopper’s paradise. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here - including beautiful shoes for big feet.

Here’s the lowdown on where to find shoes in size 9+ UK (43+ EU, 11+ US) in central London.

Chiltern Street

London actually has 2 women's shoe shops specialising in large sizes on the very same street! Chiltern Street is home to both Crispins and Magnus, along with an eclectic mix of independent shops, cafes and upmarket boutiques. Baker Street is the closest tube station and Madame Tussaud’s is the nearest major tourist attraction. Both shoe shops are on the lower end of Chiltern street, between Blandford Street and Dorset Street. It's about a 15 minute stroll from the main department stores on Oxford Street. Here’s a Google map with both Crispins and Magnus Shoes on Chiltern Street shops marked on it.

Crispins, 28-30 Chiltern Street - up to size 12 UK

Working from the Blandford Street end, the first shop you come to is Crispins. This shop has some lovely dressy styles and elegant shoes, mainly priced at the higher end. They do stock some casual, everyday styles also. Bonus points for the lovely air conditioning, which was heaven during the heatwave when I visited!

Magnus, 44 Chiltern Street - up to size 12 UK

A bit further along, you come to Magnus. This shop has the better selection of casual, everyday styles, or shoes to suit more traditional tastes. As well as the main part of the shop you walk in on, there is a separate room towards the back you might miss.

Shoe selection at Magnus, Chiltern Street

Department Stores with size 9 shoes

If you don’t find shoes in Chiltern Street, or just don’t have time to visit, some of the larger department stores are worth a look if you take a size 9.

TK Maxx, Charing Cross Road

TK Maxx can be hit or miss when it comes to larger shoes, but I found that the Charing Cross Road branch had a good selection to choose from. It has a large shoe department down in the air conditioned basement, with plenty of size 9s available when I visited. I picked up a pretty pair of Birkenstocks for £13! Remember that if you are looking for sports styles it’s worth checking the men’s section too. I also visited the Long Acre Covent Garden branch but didn’t find many big shoes there. If you’re a size 9, it’s always worth dropping in to any TK Maxx you come across as you might just get lucky and find your dream shoes at a bargain price.

Overall, central London still has the most shoe shopping options for women with big feet out of the European cities I’ve visited so far. So, if you’re ever in London with some time to spare, take a stroll down Chiltern Street and enjoy trying on all the shoes in the shop for once!