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Adelante Shoes, USA Handcrafted shoes made to order in 7 widths, up to size 15 us

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Adelante Granada ankle bootsAdelante Sofia loafers
Granada boots & Sofia loafers up to size 15 us (with half sizes) in 7 widths © Adelante Shoes

Inclusive Shoes: Half Sizes & Split Sizes

Adelante make leather shoes to order & have an incredible 700 shoe lasts to accommodate all foot sizes and widths.

Their women's shoes go up to size 15 us, including half sizes which are really hard to find in big sizes.

You can even buy a different shoe size or width for each foot (known as split shoe sizes).

It's actually quite common for one foot to be slightly longer than the other, and Adelante's half sizes only differ in length by about 1/6 inch.

Women's Shoes in 7 Widths

Something else that's special about Adelante shoes is they come in 7 widths, from narrow (A) right through to super wide (EEE).

It's always harder finding wide women's shoes & narrow shoes for big feet are like hen's teeth. So it's great to see Adelante making shoes for all widths.

Customize your Shoes

Adelante have 15 women's styles to choose from (as of April 2023) including loafers, sandals, boots & slippers.

All styles come in up to 10 shades and most are customizable too. Combine multiple colors of leather & select your sole to personalize your unique pair.

Customizable styles have a "custom design" button beside where you choose the color on the shoe page.

Handmade Shoes that Last

All Adelante footwear is handcrafted at their workshop in Pastores, Guatemala.

Shoes are made to order with about a 3 week turnaround time. You even get updates from the artisan making your shoes throughout the process which is cool.

An artisan maker holding a boot at the Adelante workshop in Guatemala

Adelante shoes are made from high-quality vegetable tanned leather that's free of toxic chemicals. They also use Goodyear welting and Blake stitching for durability so that the soles don't separate and the bottom is watertight.

There's a 1 year warranty and the shoes are fully resoleable too.

How do I Measure my Feet?

Adelante use fancy StrutFit technology where you take a picture of your foot and it works out your shoe size. What a time to be alive! Just click the 'What is my size?' button on any shoe page to access the tool.

TIP: this foot measuring tech works best if you view the shoe page on your phone. You don't need to install any app on your phone. Simply follow the checklist, take your foot pic & it gives you your size and returns you to the store page.

Heads up: my foot scan results were not my usual shoe size, but I do struggle with fit. I also got slightly different results from different foot pictures. I'll play around with it more when I get a chance, but I'd recommend taking multiple photos and checking the results with a ruler if you're unsure.

You can also book a free 45 minute virtual fitting appointment at a time that suits you for expert help to get your shoe size just right.

What Happens if my Shoes don't Fit?

Hopefully your custom shoes will fit like a glove, but Adelante offer free exchanges and returns in the US.

They also say they'll "work with you as many times as it takes to get the fit right, at no cost to you".

One thing to be aware of is that Adelante's made to order shoes are generally non refundable though. You can return your shoes for 110% store credit though.

If you prefer to get your money back if the shoes don't work out, US customers can add a 30 day refund option for women's loafers (Sofia or Sabina styles) at checkout for an extra charge.

Not in the USA? while Adelante ship worldwide, orders outside the US may have taxes or duties charged on delivery. Plus exchanges and fit issues are more hassle as you need to pay return postage.

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Up to size 15 us. 7 widths from narrow to extra wide


Ships worldwide.
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Free US exchanges & returns for 110% store credit
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