The Best Places to Buy and Sell Used Shoes in Large Sizes

Got shoes in your closet you never wear? Why not sell your spare shoes for some extra cash?

That's easier said then done when you've got big feet & not many share your shoe size. So here are the best places to sell used shoes in large sizes. You might even get lucky & grab some designer used shoes too!

New: TallSize Pre-loved (USA)

Just launched in October 2023, TallSize Pre-loved is a new easy way to buy and sell shoes in size 9+ US as well as tall clothing.

You can choose between getting 80% of the selling price in cash or 100% store credit for, where they do 8 shoe brands with some shoes up to size 15 us.

Great news if you're tall: they've nearly 20 tall clothing brands and counting!

Once your item sells, you get a prepaid shipping label by email. Plus you still get paid if your item gets lost in the mail.

TallSize Pre-loved is US only right now, but they plan to launch in Canada in November and more countries in the future. Stay tuned!

Sell on TallSize Buy Shoes on TallSize

Used Clothing Apps

The most popular way to sell used shoes is via specialist used clothing apps. These give you the widest audience & make selling simple & secure.

Many buy & sell on the same platforms. You can even resell purchases that don't work out which is handy.

It's an easy way to get started with circular fashion, where you buy less new stuff & sell on items you no longer use.

Apps that sell used clothing tend to have fewer big shoes as usual. But this means that large shoe sizes can sell more easily, because they're less common and in demand.

TIP: While you can also browse & use these websites on a computer, selling works best when you use their mobile apps. They're designed so you can take photos, list your items & manage transactions quickly & easily - all from your phone.


Vinted is most popular in the UK & mainland Europe (13 countries). It also launched in the USA & Canada in 2021.

The best thing about Vinted is there are no seller fees, which is unique across major buy & sell platforms.

Sellers find it much better & cheaper than Ebay. They love that buyers pay for shipping & the convenience of Vinted giving you shipping labels.

In terms of pricing, Vinted buyers expect slightly lower prices than Ebay or other platforms because they pay shipping & fees on Vinted.

The Vinted shoe size filter goes up to 10 UK, 43 EU or 11.5-12 US, and there is also an 'Other' size option where you can list larger size shoes.

Sell on Vinted Buy Shoes on Vinted UK


Poshmark is available in the US, Canada, Australia and India. It's the best app for selling higher price and luxury items.

Poshmark charge a 20% sellers fee (min $2.95). That's dearer than other platforms, but items can sell for higher prices on Poshmark.

Buyers usually pay for shipping & Poshmark make it easy with convenient prepaid shipping labels. You can even have items collected from home with USPS.

The Poshmark shoe size filter goes up to 13 US, which is bigger than the other apps, but there is no "other" option to list size 14+ shoes under.

It's a good idea to include the shoe size in your Poshmark listing title for maximum visibility and to help show up in search results.

Sell on Poshmark Buy Shoes on Poshmark


Now owned by Etsy, Depop is the used clothing app of choice for younger shoppers.

It's available in 150 countries worldwide & is especially popular in the US, Australia, the UK and Ireland.

Depop charge a 10% sellers fee, on top of payment processing charges. Their ship with Depop option gives you shipping labels for hassle free selling though.

The Depop shoe size filter goes up to 11.5 US, 9 UK or 43 EU, and there is also an 'Other' size option that can be used for bigger sizes.

Sell on Depop Buy Shoes on Depop

Resale & Consignment Stores

The easiest way to sell your old shoes is to sell them to a resale or consignment store. That way, you've none of the hassles of sending packages or endless back & forth with buyers.

Some places will buy your shoes for cash upfront - the dream! Others work on consignment, meaning that you only get paid when your shoes sell.

The downsides are:

  1. Some items may not be accepted
  2. You'll make less money than if you sold them yourself

Clothes Mentor, USA

Clothes Mentor pay cash upfront for gently worn branded women's clothes and shoes, including large shoe sizes.

While you can now also buy used clothes and shoes online in continental USA, you can only sell your stuff by bringing it to a Clothes Mentor resale store. They have over 100 stores across 30 states.

Clothes Mentor accept gently worn women's shoes up to at least size 13 us, and possibly larger.

Even better, they want more big size shoes. As a Clothes Mentor customer service rep explained to me:

"We generally do not see enough larger sizes regardless of if it’s a pair of shoes or pants. So, if you... are looking for a place to sell gently used items, our stores should absolutely be interested. Customers typically receive between 30% and 50% of the retail price our store’s establish, sometimes more depending on the item."

Sell to Clothes Mentor Buy Shoes at Clothes Mentor

ThredUp, USA

ThredUp is an online consignment store. You order a clean out kit bag from them and send them back all your old clothes & shoes. They list your accepted items online & you get paid if they sell within a certain window.

They only accept 50% of items on average, but they recycle the rest, or can return it to you for a fee.

ThredUp have made various fee & policy changes recently, which make it less attractive for sellers than before.

But they still do partner kits with several leading stores including GAP, where you can still send them bags of items from any brands for free and get a gift card (with bonus credit for some stores) for items that sell in 30 days.

While you can also buy clothes & shoes on ThredUp in Canada, you can only sell from the 48 contiguous US states.

ThredUp list women's shoes up to size 12 us.

Sell on ThredUp Buy Shoes on ThredUp

The Shoe Garden, Australia

Carol at large shoe specialist The Shoe Garden in Hawthorne, Brisbane now also sells second hand women's shoes in size 10+.

You can leave your old shoes on consignment, either dropping them off in person or by post. You set the price and if your shoes sell in-store or online within 60 days, you get 40% as cash or 50% as store credit.

As of February 2023, she has over 80 pairs of second hand shoes available in sizes 10-13 AU.

Sell at The Shoe Garden Buy Pre-loved Shoes

Facebook Groups

There are lots of Buy, Sell & Trade (BST) Facebook groups for all sorts of stuff, including women's shoes.

The advantage of buying and selling used shoes via Facebook is that there are really niche groups where you can reach people with your shoe size.

While Facebook groups can be a great way to buy or sell used shoes & there are no seller fees, there's also no protections in place either. So to avoid scams:

  1. First check the user's profile looks legit
  2. Use a secure payment method like PayPal that offers buyer & seller protection

If you search Facebook for "sell shoes" or similar, you'll see a ton of groups. Not all are relevant or active enough though. So here's my shortlist of popular, well run groups to save you time.

These groups are private, so you need to join to be able to see posts or post yourself. Some groups approve memberships almost instantly, but it can take a few days or even longer.

UK Groups

UK Only Ladies large sized shoes (size 7+) selling group
With nearly 7K members, this is the best group for buying & selling shoes for big feet if you're in the UK.

Pre-loved Long Tall Sally Clothing
Despite its name, this Facebook group is actually for buying & selling tall clothing & shoes from any brand. There are frequent shoe posts & with over 10K members, it's a great place to find second hand shoe bargains or sell unwanted shoes.
It's open worldwide, but most activity is UK based. There's lots of general chit chat about tall fashion too, a bit like the excellent Tallternative Retail community group (no selling allowed there).

USA & Canada Groups

Tall Women USA: Clothes to Buy/Sell/Trade
You can buy, sell and trade size 10+ shoes as well as all tall clothing in this group. I haven't been able to personally review it because my membership request is still pending, but there are over 4,000 members & it's been running over 8 years now.

Long Tall Sally Buy/Sell/Trade Canada
Ignore the name - this group is for all tall fashion brands, not just LTS. You can buy & sell shoes here too and there are 2K members.

Australia Groups

Women's Large Size Shoes Buy Swap Sell Australia
Buy, swap & sell size 10 shoes or larger in this group with nearly 9K members, up & running for over 7 years.

Ladies Shoes Size 10-12+ Buy Swap Sell
Launched in 2019, this group for size 10+ shoes has around 5,000 members. It's open worldwide but most sellers are Australian.

General Buy & Sell Websites

Facebook Marketplace

Aside from Facebook groups (see above), you can also buy and sell used shoes near you on Facebook Marketplace which is similar to Craigslist.

There's no shoe size filter by default on the Facebook marketplace website, but if you type your shoe size in the search box, e.g. size 10, you then get a list of filters below including shoes up to size 12 us/au (10 uk).

On trying it out, I saw several size 12 us shoes near New York & size 10 uk shoes near London (as of February 2023) so it might be worth a shot depending on where you live.


The original online buy & sell giant Ebay still has a huge audience. [More info soon]
Women's shoes on Ebay UK

Preloved UK & Ireland

Preloved is a popular UK buy & sell site with no fees involved. [More info soon]
Women's shoes on Preloved

I hope this guide helps you sell your old shoes or find some pretty pre-loved pairs. Know of any other good places to buy & sell shoes online? Let me know in the comments below.

Stuck with new shoes you can't wear but can't return? If you don't want to sell them: