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What is women's size 13.5 in men's shoes?

A US women's size 13.5 is size 12-12.5 in men's shoes, depending on the make. Usually, a size 13.5 women's is 12 in men's, but it's a men's size 12.5 for brands which use a different size system. For example, a women's 13.5 is 12 in men's Nike but 12.5 in men's Adidas.

Why is a women's 13.5 not always a men's 12?

There are actually 2 men's US shoe sizing systems. In the more popular common system, a women's size 13.5 shoe is the same as a men's 12. But some brands use the customary system where a women's 13.5 shoe is a men's size 12.5.

Unisex shoes for women's size 13.5 (men's size 12-12.5)


Most Allbirds comfy casual shoes are unisex & even come in the same colors. So if you're size 11.5+, you can buy the same shoes from the men's collection. Women should go 1.5 sizes down in men's, but most styles don't come in half sizes unfortunately. If your ideal size isn't there, their friendly customer service can advise if you should go 1 or 2 sizes down instead. Allbirds offer free shipping, free returns & a 30 day wear test. So you can send worn shoes back for a full refund if you're not happy.

  • Women's size 13.5 is size 12 in men's Allbirds
  • Women's shoes: up to size 11 us
  • Unisex: up to men's size 14 (women's size 15.5)


Nike has a huge range of sneakers online, including customisable styles. Women's styles go up to size 12, but there's plenty of cute unisex sneakers for big feet, with select styles fitting up to a women's size 19.5. Nike have free shipping, free returns & a 30 day satisfaction guarantee when you buy direct. So you can return sneakers & clothes even after wearing them. I find Nike products true to size & they last well.

  • Women's size 13.5 is size 12 in men's Nike
  • Women's shoes: up to size 12 us
  • Unisex: up to men's size 18 (women's size 19.5)


Cariuma's classic canvas & washable knit sneakers come in a rainbow of colors & statement prints. Produced in limited runs, sizes can sell out fast. If your size is gone, if you click on it you can sign up to be notified when it's back in stock. Fully unisex, both women's & men's ranges include half sizes & go up to 13 us. That's a bit confusing because you might think the sizing is the same. The men's sizes run 1.5 sizes bigger as usual though & fit up to women's size 14.5. Cariuma offer free 60 day returns.

  • Women's size 13.5 is size 12 in men's Cariuma
  • Women's shoes: up to size 13 us
  • Unisex: up to men's size 13 (women's size 14.5)


TOMS iconic minimal canvas flats come in lots of cute colors & prints in their women's collection up to 12 us, but the men's range should fit up to a women's 15. It's mainly unisex neutrals available in women's 13-15, but that means they go with everything. 🙂 TOMS men's shoes only run 1 size bigger than women's.

TIP: while TOMS advise their shoes stretch with wear, mine never did & are too tight. So, if they feel too small when you try them on, I'd use the free 30 day returns and size up.

  • Women's size 13.5 is size 12.5 in men's TOMS
  • Women's shoes: up to size 12 us
  • Unisex: up to men's size 14 (women's size 15)

Are women's and men's EU shoe sizes the same?

Yes, European shoe sizes are unisex. Size 46.5 eu is the closest match to a women's size 13.5 us shoe. For more details, see the euro shoe size conversions guide.

Are women's and men's UK shoe sizes the same?

Yes, UK shoe sizes are unisex. A women's size 13.5 is a uk size 11.5. See US vs UK shoe sizes for further info.

Men's shoes are often slightly wider than women's though, so you may need to size down in certain men's styles unless you have wide feet.

Where to buy size 13.5 women's shoes

Half size shoes are very rare beyond size 12.5 unfortunately. But here are stores selling women's size 13 shoes and size 14 shoes.

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