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Allbirds Sustainable casual shoes with a 30 day trial, unisex up to size 15 US, 13 UK, 47 EU

Ships worldwide
Allbirds tree runners in lilac (men's size 43)Tree skippers
Most Allbirds styles are fully unisex including tree runners (shown in lilac) and tree skippers (canary yellow) & go up to women's size 15 US via the men's collection

Allbirds unique casual & running shoes are made with natural materials in a sustainable way.

Unisex casual shoes

While their women's collection only goes up to size 11 US (8-8.5 UK, 41 EU), most Allbirds' styles are completely unisex. The running shoes, everyday sneakers, boat shoes, high top and slip on shoes in the men's sections are exactly the same as the women's shoes, just in a larger size.

The unisex men's range is available in the full range of colours up to size 15 US (13 UK, 47 EU). Sometimes there is even a better colour selection in the men's section - call it a big feet bonus! 🥳

Choose from lightweight summer styles made with eucalyptus tree or cosy wool versions for cooler climates. They have even developed rain repellent mizzle shoes where a special "puddle guard" coating is applied to the merino wool.

Sizing Advice

Allbirds primarily use US sizing and convert to other shoe size formats. The sizing information on Allbirds website can be a bit confusing but they are happy to give personalised fit advice if you contact them.

Generally, if you use US shoe sizing, you should order the men's size 1.5 sizes smaller than your usual US women's size. In other regions, buying your usual women's UK or EU size in the men's range should work.

All styles are medium width but can stretch to accommodate some wider feet. The wool shoes are a little snug at first and then stretch naturally, while the tree material shoes are more stretchy but retain shape over time.

Unfortunately only the Dasher running shoes currently come in half sizes. Allbirds recommend to usually go up a size if you have a wider foot or usually wear a half size, but to size down for tree runners.

I found the tree runners run large. There is a big difference between the whole sizes too. I wear shoe size 9 UK and while the 42 tree runner (men's 10 US) was definitely too small, the 43 (men's 11 US) were a little too big. It's a shame there are not half sizes available in more styles.

Limited Edition Colours

There are separate Allbirds websites for several regions e.g. Allbirds UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA & Canada.

Note that many shades are limited edition and produced in small one-off batches. The colour range and stock levels for limited edition shades also varies by region.

Allbirds are quite expensive, so it's natural to save up over time or wait until you need new runners to try them. Just bear in mind that if you fall in love with a limited edition shade, it may not be around in your size in your region for long. For new shades, you can sign up to be notified when your size is back in stock from the product page though.

Money Back Guarantee

If your shoes don't fit or you are unhappy for any reason, Allbirds offer free returns and a 30 day trial.

So you can try them out & get a refund even after wearing the shoes. A rare feature and a major plus!

Allbirds donate returned worn shoes to charity, so they don't go to waste.

Allbirds Brand Shoe Size Chart

Women's (US/AU)Men's (US/AU)Foot (cm)UKEU
108.5267-7.5w 40, m 41.5
10.59268w 40.5, m 41-42
119.526.58-8.5w 41, m 42.5
Check official Allbirds size chart for definitive sizing.
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Shoe Sizes

US sizing
Unisex up to size 15 US, 13 UK, 47 EU

Money Back Guarantee

Return shoes even after wearing them!


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